From keyboard to consort

English music for keyboard instruments or lute, transcribed for viol consort by Andrew Kerr.



William Byrd

  • Fantasia a 4 (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book», no.8) score I II III IV
  • Fantasia a 5 A Voluntarie for My Ladye Nevell (from «My Ladye Nevells Book», no. 26) score I II III IV V
  • Fantasia a 5 A fancie (from «My Ladye Nevells Book», no. 41)) score I II III IV V
  • Ut re mi fa sol la a 5 (BK 58)) score I II III IV V
  • The Quadran Pavan and Galliard a 6 (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book», nos. 133 and 134)) score I II III IV V VI

John Coprario

Orlando Gibbons

  • Prelude and Fantasia a 4 Pavan a 5
  • Peascod Time a 6

Anthony Holborne

  • Lute Pavan no.2 and Galliard a 5

William Inglott

  • The Leaves be green (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book»)

Peter Philips

  • Fantasia a 4 (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book»)
  • Pavan (1580) and Galiarda a 5 (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book»)

William Tisdall

  • Pavana Chromatica Mrs Katherin Tregian’s Paven a 5 (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book»)

Thomas Tomkins

  • A ground a 4 score I II III IV
  • Offertory a 4 score I II III IV
    From Oxford Music School MS C 93. This monumental piece is a ground in all but name, based on the 7 note figure quoted at the outset. The transcription is a choice of the variations that work best in a consort setting.
  • A Sad Paven for These Distracted Tymes a 5 score I II III IV V
    From Paris (F-Pn) MS Mus Res. 1122. Dated February 14th 1649, almost certainly written to commemorate the execution of King Charles I on 30th January 1649. This arrangement is dedicated by Andrew Kerr to his father.
  • Pavan and Galliard Lord Strafford a 5 score I II III IV V
    From the autograph Paris (F-Pn) MS Reserve 1122. Dated September 29 1647, written to commemorate Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, executed in 1641. Tomkins wote two versions of the pavan and galliard, the second incorporating highly decorated repaeats of each section. The simple version is the basis of this arrangement. Unusually for Tomkins’ keyboard dances, the consort arrangement seems to work best with two equal treble parts. The galliard is particularly notable for its last section, which incorporates three different layers of triple rhythm.
  • Pavan Lord Canterbury a 5 score I II III IV V
    From the autograph British Museum (in GB-Lbl) Add MS 29996. The piece is dated 1647, and almost certainly commemorates William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, executed for treason in 1645. The last section is missing from the manuscript; the pavan is here completed by an arrangement of a chorus from Tomkins’ anthem “Know ye not”.
  • Pavan April 1650 a 5 score I II III IV V
    From Paris (F-Pn) MS Mus Res 1122, dated April 1650.
  • Pavan a 6 score I II III IV V VI
    From Paris (F-Pn) Mus MS Rés 1122, dated September 10th 1647. The complex and dense texture of the third section suggested a 6-part arrangement, and remarkably little extra material needed to be added.

Thomas Warrock

  • Pavan and Galliard a 5 (from «Fitzwilliam Virginal Book»)

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