Your Viol

Tips on viol maintenace from the web

A Bow Maker Addresses Questions He’s Always Wanted to Answer

Harry Grabenstein answers questions about taking care of your bow. VdGSA

All about rosin

by Sam Stadlen

Choosing a bow

Brent Wissick, Lisa Terry, and Gail Ann Schroeder discuss how they evaluate and select a bow. VdGSA


How to tie a viola da gamba fret

by Robert Smith

Everything You Need to Know About Frets

by Tobi Szuts, VdGSA

Fret Tying Made Easy

by Charlie Ogle, VdGSA

How to tie viola da gamba frets

Loren Ludwig explains his method for fret tying.


Comment changer une corde de viole de gambe

by Jeanne Dorche

Replacing Strings

by Sam Stadlen

String Replacement

by John Pringle, VdGSA


Comment bouger son chevalet

by Jeanne Dorche

Bent Out of Shape?

John Pringle gives a demonstration of how to straighten your own bridge. VdGSA