Bettina Hoffmann

Catalogue of Solo and Chamber Music for Viola da Gamba


Ford, Thomas

? - 1648
work information

Musicke of Sundrie Kindes set forth in two bookes. The first whereof are, aries for 4. voices to the lute, orphorion, or basse-viol, with a dialogue for two voices, and two basse viols in parts, tunde the lute way. The second are Pavens, Galiards, Almaines, Toies, Jigges, Thumpes and such like to two Basse-viols, the Liera-way, so made as the greatest number may serve to play alone; very easie to be performed.

place (and editor)

London, John Browne

voxS + voxT + 2 lv, 2 lv / 1 lv

print in GB-Ge, GB-Lbl, US-CA, US-Ws
ms. in: GB-Ob ms.mus.sch. D.245-246
Merro (15 pieces); IRL-Dtc ms. 408/1 (olim D.1.21/I) William Ballet (4 pieces); F-Pn ms. Rés 1111 (3 pieces); GB-Cu Nn 6.36 Holmes (2 pieces); GB-Mp BRm 832 Vu 51 Manchester (2 pieces); GB-CHEr DLT/B 31 Leycester (2 pieces); GB-Cu Dd 5.20 (1 piece); GB-Lbl 56279 Stirrop (2 pieces)
2 pieces published also in John Playford, Musick’s Recreation (Recreation-1652/55, Recreation-1669, Recreation-1682)

online copy

print of Musicke of Sundrie Kindes and of Musick’s Recreation: Early English Books Online 

ms Manchester
ms Ballet

ms Leycester

ms Nn.6.36 Holmes

ms Rés 1111

modern edition(s)

Performer’s Facsimile; A-R Editions; Broude Brothers; Musica Britannica IX (2 pieces); The Scolar Press; Peacock Press 2003 (Manchester Viol Book); Oriana Music (Ballet Lutebook); Cornetto-Verlag (Musick’s Recreation 1652); Hinrichsen (Musick’s Recreation 1682), Atelier Philidor, Adams (Musick’s Recreation)

further information

In the arias for 4 voices there is no special part for the bass viol named in the title which is certainly intended to play the part of the vocal bass. Only the last piece of the first book, the Dialogue, has two obligato parts for two lyra viols.

The second book contains 18 instrumental pieces which can be played, following the instrution in the title, by one or two lyra viols.


A/I: F 1503, ID 990018687
ms. Merro : ID 800271631

Thematic index

Andrew Ashbee, John Merro’s Manuscripts Revisited, «The Viola da Gamba Society Journal», 2013, vol 7, pp 1-19.

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