Bettina Hoffmann

Catalogue of Solo and Chamber Music for Viola da Gamba


Mace, Thomas

1612 o ‘13 - 1706 ?
work information

3 pieces for lyra viol, in Musick’s Monument, or A Remembrancer of the Best Practical Musick […], pp. 251-253, 255-264

place (and editor)

London, T. Rathcliffe and N. Thompson


AUS-Msl, B-Bc, B-Br, C-Mc, D-B, D-Bmi, D-LEm, IRL-Dtc, F-LYm, F-Pn, GB-Ccc, GB-Cfm, GB-Cjc, GB-Cjec, GB-Ckc, GB-Cpl, GB-Ctc, GB-Cu, GB-CDp, GB-DRc, GB-DU, GB-Ep, GB-Ge, GB-HAdolm, GB-Lam, GB-Lbl, GB-Lcm, GB-Lgc, GB-Lsc, GB-LEbc, GB-Mp, GB-Ob, I-Rsc, NL-DHgm, US-AA, US-Bp, US-BE, US-Cn, US-Cu, US-CA, US-I, US-LAuc, US-LEX, US-NH, US-NYmm, US-NYp, US-Pu, US-PRu, US-R, US-Su, US-SM, US-U, US-Wc, US-Ws, US-WE
ms. copy in GB-DRc A.27 Falle, pp. 80-81, Pavan

online copy
modern edition(s)

Broude Brothers; Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; Seicento (2 pieces), Güntersberg

further information

The Lesson at p. 251 is re-proposed on pp. 252-253 with the addition of two lines in staff notation that extract an ideal treble and bass line, namely, in Mace's own words: «The Former Lesson Explain’d in Scores, in which appears a Perfect Bass, and Treble, quite through.». Furthermore, on p. 253, he proposes the part of a second treble, also for illustrative and not executive purposes only.


A/I: M 20/MM 20; ID 990038784

Thematic index

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