Bettina Hoffmann

Catalogue of Solo and Chamber Music for Viola da Gamba


Tailour, Robert (Taylor)

work information

Sacred hymns: Consisting of fifti select psalms of David and others, paraphrastically turned into English verse. And by Robert Tailour, set to be sung in five parts, as also to the viole, and lute or orpharion. Published for the vse of such as delight in the exercise of music in hir original honour

place (and editor)

London, Snodham

voxS + 2 voxA + voxT + voxB + lv + lt or orpharion / voxS + 2 voxA + voxT + voxB + lv / voxS + lv

GB-A, GB-Cu, GB-En, GB-Ge, GB-Lbl, GB-Lcm, GB-Llp, GB-Mp, GB-Ob, J-Tn, US-LAuc, US-NYp, US-SM, US-U, US-Wc, US-Ws

online copy
modern edition(s)
further information

Every psalm is set for five voices and has a tablature for viol and one for lute (or orpharion, as written in the title of the book). A performance with any combination of these voices and instruments might be intended. The viol tablature is underlayed to the treble voice, suggesting in particular a performance for voice and viol.

The book contains only 12 musical compositions, all the 50 psalms can be sung to these tunes, following a table at the end of the book.

Thematic index

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