Bettina Hoffmann

Catalogue of Solo and Chamber Music for Viola da Gamba


Maynard, John

1577 - post 1614
work information

7 pavins for lyra viol and bass
The XII Wonders of the World, Set and composed for the Violl de Gamba, the Lute, and the Voyce to sing the Verse, all three jointly and none severall: also Lessons for the Lute and Base Violl to play alone; with some Lessons to play Lyra-waye alone, or if you will to fill up the parts with another Violl set Lute-way.

place (and editor)

London, Thomas Snodham, for John Browne

lv / lv + vb

GB-Lbl, GB-Ob

online copy
modern edition(s)

The Scolar Press

further information

The tunings of the lyra viol are fefhf (Pavins XVIII-XX) and ffefh (Pavins XXI-XXIIII), while the accompanying viol is tuned lute way, i.e. ffeff.
The bass accompaniment to these Pavins is ad libitum, as specified in the title of the book.
Moreover, the book contains 12 songs for voice, lute and viol, and 5 lessons for lute and viol, where the viol plays simply the bass line. In one of the lute lessons (Pavin XV) the accompanying viol is required to be tuned a tone below the lute.

Thematic index

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