Bettina Hoffmann

Catalogue of Solo and Chamber Music for Viola da Gamba


Hume, Tobias

1569 ca. - 1645
work information

Captain Hume's Poeticall Musicke principally made for two Basse-Viols, yet so contrived, that it may be played 8 severall waies upon sundry Instruments with much facilitie
1 The first way or musicke is for one Basse-Viole to play alone in parts, which standeth alwaies on the right side of this Booke.
2 The second musicke is for two Basse-viols to play together.
3 The third musicke, for three Basse-Viols to play together.
4 The fourth musicke, for two Tenor Viols and a Basse-Viole.
5 The fift musicke, for two Lutes and a Basse-Viole.
6 The sixt musicke, for two Orpherions and a Basse-Viole.
7 The seventh musicke, to use the voyce to some of these musicks, but especially to the three Basse Viols, or to the two Orpherions with one Basse-Viole to play the ground.
8 The eight and last musicke, is consorting all these instruments together with the Virginals, or rather with a winde Instrument and the voice.

place (and editor)

London, John Windet

1 lv / 2 lv / 2 lv + vb / 2 liu + vb / 2 orpherions + vbvoxS + 3 vb / voxS + 2 orpherions + vb

GB-Ge, GB-Lbl, GB-Mp, US-Ws
14 pieces ms. in GB-Ob MS. Mus. Sch. D.245-247 Merro

online copy
modern edition(s)

The Scolar Press, Musedita; Atelier Philidor; Joëlle Morton (vocal pieces)

further information

The collection contains 24 pieces, of which 21 instrumental pieces in 3 parts, 2 songs for voice and 3 instrumental parts, and 1 song for voice and bass viol. The instrumentations proposed in the title at numbers 1-6 refer to the instrumental pieces in the collection.

Two of the instrumental parts are in tablature, one in staff notation. In the case of a performance with 3 bass viols, the third viol must transpose the part a fourth lower.

Three of the instrumental pieces (The Earle of Pembrooke his Galliard, A Merry Conceit, The State of Gambo) had already been published in a version for lyra viol solo in Hume’s The First Part of Ayres, n. 2, 4bis, 34.

Thematic index

Andrew Ashbee, John Merro’s Manuscripts Revisited, «The Viola da Gamba Society Journal», 2013, vol 7, pp 1-19.

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